Monday, June 25, 2012

been a while...

greetings fellow weblings, its been a while. I'm still railing against religion, I'm still pointing out its massive inconsistencies with the natural order of things, the treatment of women, the treatment of LGBT people and minorities. I feel that if you were to try and make up a religion now with these values, you would be ridiculed and laughed at and probably have every piece of legislation thrown at you until you withered away. But no, no, these guys ( they're always dudes ) comment on such things as procreation ( how would they know) marriage ( really again ) and human development ( in such ways as trying to ban condoms and always going on about contraception ) that in some way they are the antithesis of life itself. Maybe thats the way they get total indoctrination, by having us all dead? doesnt make sense....
Anywhoo, hopefully they will all be gone in the next few years as I dont think many people see the priesthood ( or whatever you call it ) a profession or calling or whatever. And seriously, if you are reading this and you sense you have just gotten "the call", seek medical advise, maybe even a brain scan. Just to be on the safe side. Wont it be grand lads and lassies, when we dont have this churchy thing around and all that bile and hate is gone and we can all go forward to a more tolerant and peaceful planet.



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Right. Where's my soapbox. Ahh there it is. Right. Ok ok ok. I think I've had enough of these religious people. I know this sounds like a similar post recently but seriously, the head of the rcc coming out and saying that condoms are bad as they help spread Aids. right you, pope guy. Shut up. Seriously, where do you get your information from. The Land of make believe, oh wait that right.The land of make believe. Right now, those religious people who come out and say things like this are very hurtful to the cause they are ridiculing. The biggest thing with these factors is not the content of the message but when people who run these Aids organisations go looking for funding to help with a new drug or research they are usually faced with a stoney wall silence or " well the pope said that condoms help spread aids so why should we give you money"... etc etc .The one thing is that these religious dont know the full truth ( cause their dogma is based in all that invisible man stuff ) so when they make statements like this they should be taken with a pinch of salt.
And another thing, why is it this guy is supposed to represent god on earth. Why was he picked by humans. Why didnt god come down and pick him. Anyway. Until prove the existance of their god and the scientific creedance this being possess, I will contine to question and question hard against their pseudo hystrical traditional religions.

Question everything these people say. Regardless.

be good and take care ok